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Born: Antwerp, Belgium on 14 September 1970

Lives: in Brussels since 2002

Studied: Osteopathy at the Sutherland College, Belgium

Languages: Fluent in Dutch, English, French and German

Written by Juan Martinez

Tom is an alchemist, such as old (and mythological) King Midas, his hands turn whatever he touches into gold. For this process he needs two elementary ingredients; body and mind and with this he creates his own type of gold; harmony.

Working as an osteopath Tom saw that many people were underperforming at work and in their personal lives due to stress.

How? Stress reduces the flow in the limbic system and neocortex, where creativity, feelings and reason spring up. Stress creates more flow (increase in activity leading to dominance) in the reptilian brain, where basic emotions such as fear are allowed to see the light of day leading to underperformance.

Tom’s motto is “do not let stress hold you down” and in order to stop these effects coming from the body and overshadowing the spirit, Tom provides body stimulation in order to atone the triune (reptilian, limbic and neocortical) brain to improved functioning. He reconciles body and mind, and creates harmony; the alchemy is done! Your creativity is in full bloom, you are relaxed at last, no more foggy brain feeling and tense body and it’s hello sunny days!

Moreover, Tom sees a concrete link between illness and change; we all know that we need to maintain our health but we’re not changing our habits in order to do so. Changing the world starts with oneself but if you’re not able to think clearly due to stress, how could you even start to think about changing the world? Tom’s approach helps individuals make that dream come true with healthy body and mind.

Tom also offers regular workshops to his patients so they can self heal and shares his teachings with therapists, psychologists and coaches because for him there is no one-way road to reach this state and because body and mind are interconnected.

About Tom

Tom Meyers

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"Tom's talks, at the Brussels Imagination Club, about stress and its affect on the body and mind are insightful as are his suggestions on how to deal with stress effectively. I highly recommend him as a speaker."

Jeffrey Baumgartner:  http://www.jpb.com" author of The Way of the Innovation Master, inventor of Anticonventional Thinking and co-founder of the Brussels Imagination Club"

The Reconnection

Reaset Breathing

To accompany the breathing exercises I composed two cyclical accompaniments. Reaset Breathing 1 is composed with the sound of seagulls and wave while Reaset Breathing 2 is a tune on the piano.

You can download them for FREE here:

Reaset Breathing 1: http://cl.ly/2z2v32233X0t

Reaset Breathing 2: http://cl.ly/0v0J1f2w1S2o

“We have really appreciate the good collaboration. You had taken into account all our questions and doubts we had token about before.  Your intervention met our expectations and we received good returns from our consultants.”

M.L. from Adessa Consulting (Belgium and Switzerland)


Reaset: The return of Ease

A FREE eBook by Tom Meyers

Are you running after yourself? Do you feel tense, suffer from physical pains, headaches,...? Do you feel that your mind is slow, that you doubt more then usual and feel that focussing has become more difficult?

Maybe your are locked into your survival ‘fight and flight’ mode.

Reaset: The return of Ease - is about how you can reset yourself and others back into ease in times of stress, change and challenges.



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Reaset: Le retour à Soi

Reaset_Le_retour_a_Soi.pdf by Tom Meyers

Dans certaines circonstances, le stress est bénéfique puisqu’il nous permet de surmonter le danger et donc, de survivre. Lorsque le danger est écarté, la réponse au stress doit se remettre en mode ‘veille’.

Si la réponse ne se fait pas automatiquement, nous devons l’activer manuellement.

Reaset ‘le retour à Soi’ peut nous aider à restaurer la réponse au stress en mode ‘veille’, afin de vivre pleinement notre potentiel.

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