Reconnective Healing

The Reconnection is a comprehensive spectrum of vibrational frequencies with the power to catalyse spontaneous healings.

A Reconnective Healing session is there for the restoration to your wholeness. Through interaction of light and information vibrational frequencies, interference patterns are removed or released that keep you separate from your perfection and universal connection.  This allows to be the body heal itself better.

Reconnective Healing is also about evolving as human beings. It includes a restructuring of our DNA strands and our reconnection to the whole, the universe on a new level. This helps us to come step by step closer to our true self.

Reconnective Healing through the medium of  light and information frequencies will attune (bring into harmony with) and entrain (bringing towards) you to newer and higher vibrational (repetitive to and fro movement) frequencies. Attaining a higher vibration helps with the process of healing in body, mind and spirit and to make you more resilient. Compare it to laughter (high frequency), when we are laughing we feel instantly better compared to when we are depressed (this is when we are in a low vibrational frequency) we feel the world is crashing down on us and feel depleted.

The Reconnective healer is a conduit for this new bandwidth of light and information frequencies.  The patient's role is to be a recipient, to be available to receive the healing energies and then accept what comes along. And something will come along which might be different then expected but also comes in the form of a surprise better then expected.

(2 weeks after 1st Healing session)

Ik zou u nog even melden hoe het gegaan is na de sessie reconnective healing waar u ook aanvoelde dat er behoorlijke confusion en verstoorde energien rondom mijn hoofd zaten. Ik moet zeggen dat ik inderdaad wat emotionele baggage achter heb kunnen laten na uw behandeling, u zei ook dat ik veel registreerde (REM)dus ik vermoed dat het de reconnective healing was. Want ik probeer al heel lang anders tegen obstakels aan te kijken maar ik voel nu echt een doorbraak. Ik was er wel positief door verrast. Ik kan bijvoorbeeld voor de eerste keer echt beter tegen de positieve kanten van het leven kijken, een beetje zoals u uitlegde over uw ontwikkelingsproces in het leven. En ik kan de "downsides" beter achter mij te laten als niet evenzeer belangrijk, en voel dat dit mij wel gaat helpen om weer op een pad van gezondheid terecht te komen.  L.F.

(1 day after the follow up session)

Alles goed na de laatste sessie, het heeft een amplifierend effect gehad voel ik nu al op wat de eerste keer in gang was gezet, mijn vriendin merkte het ook! L.F.


(2 weeks after 1st Healing session)

I would like to report what happened after the session, Reconnective Healing where you felt that there is considerable confusion and disturbed energies around my head. I must say that I did leave emotional baggage behind after your treatment, you said that I had a lot of registers (REM)t so I suspect it was the Reconnective Healing. Because I've been trying for a long time to look against obstacles but feel now really a breakthrough. I was positively surprise. I can actually for the first time look at the positive sides of life again,a bit like your explanation about your development in life. And I can leave the "downsides" better behind me if they aren’t important. I feel that this is going to help me get back on my path of health. L.F.

(1 day after the follow-up session)

All well after the last session, it has had an amplifying impact - that I feel already - on what was put into motion the first session, my girlfriend noticed it too! L.F.

Time of a consultation: 75 minutes

Honorarium Reconnective Healing: 80€ for a single session. Follow-up sessions within 4 weeks of the previous 60€ (prices include 21%VAT)

Honorarium The Personal Reconnection: 333€ (include 21%VAT)

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By Doug de Vito

As a human being, you need to be healthy on many levels: emotional, physical, spiritual and mental. Like many of us, you are probably looking for new ways to relax and create balance in your life. You may also be searching for ways to improve in all areas of your life. You may even play sports or participate in some form of physical competition.

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Science behind the Reconnection:

Leading the way in this research is an international team of world-renowned scientists including such research luminaries as William Tiller, PhD, Gary Schwartz, PhD, and Konstatin Korotkov, PhD, with their studies of the Reconnective Healing frequencies, first discovered by Dr. Eric Pearl. The powerful and profound results of this research, anticipated to be published later this year, are attracting the attention of the best and brightest in the scientific community.




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